I'm Samantha, a junior. I live in Sacramento, and I'm at COSMOS because i have mad love for computers. yes, i'm a dork, and proud of it. i play the flute, swim, do soccer, and do not enjoy cooking very much. shoot me an email if you want to know more. also, i have mad love for apple. so don't hate.


Almost been here a week, and still having a pretty good time. It seems like the walks have gotten shorter, the people have gotten more friendly, and we have been able to have more time in the lab, so that's good. The introductory activities and subsided (thank goodness!) and the meat of the program has begun. The classes have been interesting, and the discovery lectures have both been pretty interesting as well. they were on dark matter and the other was neuroscience to robotics. deep stuff.

As for the nightlife, i guess i can't complain :) we've had two dance parties (with RA supervision, of course). Last night was Sidney's birthday, so we had a pizza party on our floor and sang and stuff. We also hung out at conference services with "The Hills" on. Kind of boring. Oh well. Also, we went to the beach (Finally!) and tanned (not that i need it). We went wave jumping and inhaled the salty air. Yulia, Erica, Charlotte, and Anny were there. Here are some pictures:

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Today in class, we worked on writing more code in jython to change a picture of kermit the frog blue without affecting the background pixels. I got somewhat there, but nowhere near the abilities of photoshop. Which is, i guess, why we have photoshop. In the afternoon, we worked on movie editing, and i created a video of people dancing, and put the music to it. I would put it on here, but i have to first figure out how to save it as a movie file, not a premiere pro file. So i'll try and keep this more posted. It's a pretty sweet video though.

Tonight is duct tape creations, laundry lessons, or tennis. Considering i know how to do laundry and don't like tennis too much, i think i'll make something exciting out of duct tape.

On that note, I'll leave with my fortune from Panda Express (the liberation movement of the rules has began!):

"The greatest pleasure in life comes from doing what others say you can't."


So far so good.

But before I get into that, let me introduce myself. I'm Samantha, a junior at McClatchy in Sacramento, California. I've been playing the flute since infancy (or...from age four and a half), and have always spent endless hours in front of the computer. I was raised on PCs, until last summer, when I finally dropped the bad habit and got a Mac. It's funny, they don't even make the one I bought a year ago. It is quite amazing how quickly technology changes.

So, 29 hours have passed since I arrived, and I so far have only been bored for less than an hour :) The mattresses were a bit hard, but what was I expecting? Once we opened the window and turned on the fan, it cooled down plenty. They have wi-fi for us computer geeks, a nice closet, and the weather has been acceptable, especially for me, the Sacramentan who would otherwise be in the 100 degree heat right now. Though it is a bit humid. But hopefully that will pass.

Today, we had our first lecture and 'lab', where we learned about lab safety with hazardous material (which is super relevant to media computing, of course) and how the ventilation systems work. That was a lecture that I don't think we needed to be at. After that, we walked (some more) to the computer science building, and in a conference room, had an overview of our program and what we'll be doing. We got our digital cameras (they're very cheap, I might just use my own) and they function, mostly. Sometimes they need a little tap to get going. Anyhoo, after that, we walked back and had lunch. Spaghetti and meatballs. A little different than from the comforts of home, but they were definitely edible. After lunch, we came here, to the lab that we'll be working in. It's a little desolate (in the basement) and dark, but definitely barable. The professors seem nice and very well educated, and the RAs all seem like they're cool. Evening activies seem like fun.

Anyways, I think that this month is going to be a blast, and I'm excited to get to a place where I can do all the things that weare planning on learning. My goal is for you not to realize that whatever I did to my pictures was edited :)

That's all for now! Keep you posted...